Links with parents

It is only through close co-operation between parents and school that we can hope to secure the best for each individual pupil. We shall endeavour to strengthen the links between us in every possible way. We see partnership between home and school as being the best working relationship to benefit individual pupils.

Parents’ Evenings

Parents’ evenings are arranged to permit parents and teachers to consult on pupil progress. Arrangements are made for parents to meet their children’s Class, Subject and Year Teachers at least once a year. We encourage all parents to take advantage of the opportunity to attend. Parents’ Evenings for Years Ten and Twelve also take place during the year and additional meetings may be arranged as the need arises.

School Reports

Twice a year you will receive reports on your child’s progress. There are planned consultation evenings during the year but parents are urged to make contact with school if there are any concerns at other times.

Homework Diary

Each pupil is issued with a Homework Diary in which all homeworks should be recorded. This diary is also used to convey messages and information from school to parents. Parents are asked to sign these diaries on a weekly basis.

Downshire News

A fortnightly news sheet is published on the website.

The School Magazine

Issued annually, the magazine gives details of school life and events throughout the Year. It includes photographs as well as literary and artistic items contributed by pupils.

The Parent-Teacher Association

The Association exists to allow interested parents and teachers to make a positive contribution to school life and to meet socially on a regular basis. The school is very appreciative of both the financial support and the interest shown, year after year. They have recently raised funds to provide a landscaped ‘outdoor classroom’ for pupils who study Horticulture in Years 11 and 12.

There is a Charges and Remissions Policy in operation in the school. A copy of this is available from the school office.