Down in the garden

Pets Plus

Pets Plus (Pets Corner and Gardening Club) after school 3.30 to 4.30.

Down in the garden 2010

Every year brings its shares of chances, changes, challenges and successes, and never more so than down in the garden. Will the rate of germination be good? Will pests invade the greenhouse? Will slugs eat all of the petunias? Will the tender plants survive a frosty night, or a hot weekend? Will Garden Club, Pets Corner and Year 11 Horticulture co-exist in the same space without trampling on each others toes?

Glad to say, everything worked out really well and it has been a truly rewarding and successful year. We had a well filled greenhouse and a super plant stall at the summer fair. April and Hannah planted up hanging baskets and tubs for sale, which were absolutely lovely. Andrew and Philip transplanted lupins, which sold well in the perennials section.

Titch, Peanut and Lily are firm favourites in the Pets Corner and are in demand for weekend home visits. Guinea pig sleepovers are very popular! Sadly, Binky passed away in February, a peaceful end for a much loved old friend. New plans are under way to develop a designated Pets Corner, with flower boxes and an open space for Lily to take her exercise.

Year 12 pupils still return regularly to keep an eye on the younger pupils. Danielle, Rachel, Rebekah and Sian have been super role models, and have set the Year 8’s high standards in caring for pets, and for each other. I thank them most sincerely, and look forward to seeing them at our end of term Garden Party on 23rd June. Many thanks are also due to Mr John Lyle, for his invaluable support and good nature, and Mrs Robb and PTA for our generous funding.

The many hours spent after school, with pupils engaged in an activity they really enjoy are so very rewarding, and for me as a teacher, time well spent.