School Council

The role of the School Council is to represent students’ views to management and to work to improve the school for everyone.

Within the Council pupils have been given different roles and positions:

Chair Person – Melissa Smyth and Lee Irvine
Vice Chairperson – Josh McKay
Secretary – Jayne Ferguson
Publicity Officers – Adam McClenghan and Shannon McIntosh
Treasurers – Ellen McClean and Carl Skelton

The Council have had a number of ideas and acted upon them:

  • Loose Change Boxes
  • Litter
  • Photography
  • Upgrading the Library
  • Funding

The two main successes were the Litter and the Loose Change boxes which really affected our school.

Litter – Carrickfergus Council representative called Mr. S. Clawson, came to visit our School Council to give us information on litter in Northern Ireland. During his visit he gave us some useful information packs on litter and how to combat it. The Council have plans which they hope to put into action soon.

The Council had a discussion on Loose Change Boxes to be set up in each classroom and in the canteen. A vote was then taken on Loose Change and the money will be split between the P.T.A and Charity. School Councillors shared this information with the school in year assemblies. We then decided that class reps, could collect the Loose Change from the pupils in their form class. The charity they decided to donate the change to Jabulani Children’s Home in Zimbabwe, Mrs Irwin’s parent’s charity. The Council were delighted to give Mrs Irwin a cheque for £65 in June.