Downshire School is committed to providing high quality education for all its pupils.  The rules set out below are provided to promote this positive learning environment where safety and respect for all is encouraged.


Care must be taken to ensure that buildings, minibuses, equipment and books have a long and useful life. School books must be carried in a school bag.  Graffiti on school bags, books, equipment or any school property is not acceptable.  Pupils are responsible for their own belongings.  The school cannot be responsible for any item lost.  If you lose belongings report the loss to a teacher.  If you find anything which may have been lost, hand it to a teacher.


A strong emphasis is placed on a neat and tidy appearance.  Throughout the school day full school uniform should be worn properly.  It is also required when travelling to and from school and when requested on school organised activities.  All items of school uniform should be treated with respect and should not be defaced or destroyed.
All items of uniform should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.  Only school related badges may be worn ie. Prefect/Committee/Duke of Edinburgh/one charity badge.
Appropriate school shoes must be worn.  Platform/canvas/trainer/leisure style shoes or boots are NOT permitted.  For Health and Safety reasons pumps are not recommended.


In the interests of safety, pupils will not be permitted to wear ear, nose, eyebrow rings/studs, body, dental or other jewellery resulting from body piercing or other procedures.  Pupils wishing to have their ears or body pierced must have this done during the summer vacation as the wearing of studs, rings, bars for a compulsory period will not be permitted during term time.   Jewellery must be kept to a minimum; a small ring on each hand, one necklace worn underneath the shirt or blouse and one bracelet.


There should be no extreme* styles, unnatural, bleached or combinations of colours of hair.  Braiding, beading, dreadlocks, hair extensions or styles that school considers to be a health and safety issue will not be permitted.  Tattoos, either permanent or temporary, are not permitted.
Makeup, fake tan and nail varnish must not be worn in school or on school trips.
Boys should be clean shaven with hair that is collar length or above.  Hair should not be worn over the eyes.
Pupils are expected to be neat and tidy at all times.


Pupils will be encouraged to respect others and to be aware of safety at all times.  A high standard of behaviour is expected.  Pupils should show respect to their fellow pupils, teachers, other staff and visitors.  Bad language will not be tolerated.  When outside school – on buses, school trips, coming to school or going home – pupils should give a good impression of school by the way they behave and treat others.  Seat belts must be worn at all times on the school minibuses.
Unsafe behaviour and rough play is unacceptable.  It is a danger to self and others.
In the interests of health and safety smoking is prohibited while pupils are in school uniform or on school related activities.  Chewing gum is also discouraged at school.

*The definition of ‘extreme’ is at the discretion of the school.


Quickly and quietly follow the specified one way system between classes at the change of period.  (At other times move by the most direct route.)
Keep to the left and carry school bags with due regard to the safety of others.  Running or pushing in the corridors and on the stairs is dangerous and therefore forbidden.
The stairs and upstairs corridors are out-of-bounds before the first bell, during break and at lunch-time.  Pupils must not enter a room without the permission of a member of staff.
Certain areas are out-of-bounds to pupils.  Pupils going into those areas will have sanctions imposed.


Each pupil must bring the following articles to school each day:
A pencil, pen and ruler; homework diary, colouring pencils, school books, Music, P.E. or Games equipment needed that day and a calculator if required.  Tippex is not permitted in school.


Bicycles and mopeds should be left in the appropriate area and must be kept locked as the school cannot be responsible for any loss or damage.  If cycling to school a safety helmet should be worn.


Pupils who wish to go home regularly for lunch must obtain an application form, have it completed by their parents and return it to the Year Head.  Lunch passes will then be issued which must be shown to the lunch-time supervisor when leaving school and returning.  A pupil who is late returning to school may have the pass withdrawn.  Pupils may only go to their own home or the home of a relative at lunchtime.
Pupils who wish to leave school for any other reason must bring a letter from their parent/guardian to the Year Head.


Pupils who are late to school or class may incur detention or may be placed on Lateness Report/Punctuality Card.  It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure punctuality.


Homework is necessary to reinforce work done in class and to develop study skills.  It must be recorded in the Homework Diary and completed as instructed by the teacher.  Failure to do so may result in punishment.  Homework diaries should be checked and signed by parents.


Pupils should avoid disturbing class by requesting to use the toilet.  Morning and lunch breaks provide the opportunity to use the toilets, other requests should be made for emergencies only.
A pupil who has a medical reason for frequent visits to the toilet should bring a letter of explanation to the class teacher.


A letter signed by a parent/guardian is required to explain absence, lateness or any deviation in expected school dress, work or behaviour.


These are valuable items and should not be brought to school as they can have a disruptive effect.
Mobile phones will be confiscated and returned to parent/guardian by arrangement with the Principal.  Punishment will be set for offending pupils.


Pupils are encouraged to bring only water to school and carry it in their schoolbags.  Food and drink are not permitted in the playground at lunchtime and should not be consumed in the corridors between classes.  Energy drinks are not permitted.