Art and Design


The Art department covers a number of expertise areas including art appreciation, fine art drawing & painting, textiles & fashion, digital manipulation, photoshop, 3D & ceramics. We aim to implement these experiences from Yr8-A’level. This allows for greater motivation. We consider ourselves a wholly accessible staff group, and are available each day of the week after school. A number of students enjoy this facility of art room, materials and teacher on hand! We encourage interested and gifted pupils to take this time to develop skills and enter competitions. Pupils who struggle, especially with computer aided art & design, appreciate a one-to-one experience with the teacher.


We have ICT facilities in each of the 3 art rooms, which pupils can use for research and digital manipulation. This is taught in year 9 and in a more specialised manner in yr 11. It is used quite extensively in our Alevel. Our pupils will have experience in textiles – fine art (batik, felt-making, appliqué, & the use of plastic bags & recyclable materials) & design (bags, fashion, jewellery) ; printing techniques; ceramics & we use a wide range of drawing & painting materials & techniques. We target all GCSE pupils to a higher grade pass with an exemplary success.

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The schemes of work include individual study & practise, paired work & group activities.
Each year group works to a topic and we encourage open-ended development as well as response to set briefs. This is to emphasise the individuality of the creative process which is always a wonder in the art room.
We place a big emphasis on homework and personal research, and find this builds pride and motivates our pupils.

  • Yr 8 work in paper, card, collage, pastel, print, web research & analysis.
  • Yr 9 work in paper, paint, inks, pastels, Microsoft paint, ceramics, fashion design, collage, & photoshop
  • Yr 10 work in mixed media, inks, water colours, collage,& textile mixed media.

CCEA Art & Design at GCSE, AS & A2 allows for individual and personal development in the student’s chosen areas of interest. We encourage pupils to be aware of a wide variety of media and techniques which will allow for greater understanding of the breadth of the creative process which can lead to product design, fine art, fashion, etc
Our initial emphasis is on observation and drawing skills, & the understanding and excitement of contextual research. Gallery visits enrich this further.
Our art rooms allow for excellent display and pupils are inspired by the work of other pupils in their own class & other classes, culminating in a fantastic end of year exhibition of exam work.

GCSE: CCEA GCSE Art & Design
A Levels: CCEA AS Art & Design / CCEA A2 Art & Design