Local and Global Citizenship The aim of studying citizenship is to give the students opportunities to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to participate positively and effectively in their communities and wider society; influence democratic processes; and make informed and responsible decisions as local and global citizens throughout their lives.

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Local and Global citizenship is broken up into three stages at key stage three, as are as follows:

 YEAR 8 Diversity and Inclusion: considering diversity in societies and identifying the challenges and opportunities which diversity and inclusion present.

Human Rights and Social Responsibility: understanding that a globally accepted values base exists that reflects the rights and responsibilities of individuals and groups in democratic society.

YEAR 9Equality and Social Justice: understanding the need to safeguard individual and collective rights.

YEAR 10 Democracy and active participation: understanding how to participate in and influence democratic processes and to be aware of some key democratic institutions.

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The citizenship department works in partnership with many outside agencies to deliver the curriculum and ensure the pupils are provided with best possible up to date information.


These outside agencies include: The PSNI community policeman

The Simon Community

The Red Cross

Carrickfergus Council

Stand By Me

Arts Ecta

Rainbow Storyteller

International Peace Education

Stormont Education office

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