Health and Social Care


This A-level covers the areas which are essential to Health and Social Care and introduces students to the key concepts. It aims to help build relevant knowledge as well as practical understanding and experience.

The course complements other A-Level studies and equips students with skills for higher education and the world of work and would be suitable for students considering a career in many areas of the Health and Social Care sector including – childcare, nursing, social work, medicine, health visitor, teaching and youth justice.


We follow the AQA specification and offer a choice of single and double award.

The course is broken down as follows:

  • AS level – Year 13
  • A2 level – Year 14

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Unit 1 – Effective Caring & Communication


This unit explores how carers provide a good quality of life for babies, young children, special needs, and elderly people.  You will evaluate the services available for these people and research skills needed to treat people well.

Unit 2 – Understanding Health Conditions and Patient Care Pathways

Exam  1 hour 30 minutes

This unit aims to develop your knowledge and understanding of a range of health conditions, and the appropriate patient care pathways which are commonly followed based on a patient-centred approach to care.

Unit 3 – Life as a Challenge

Exam  1 hour 30 minutes

This unit explores a range of challenges faced by people due to physical disability, learning disability and, mental health issues and social circumstances.

Unit 4 – Educating Children and Young People


This unit introduces you to the theory and practise of learning in education.  It also gives you the opportunity to plan a learning situation yourself.


Unit 5 – Learning and Development

Exam  2 hours

This unit aims to develop your understanding of the influences that can affect learning and development, as well as key theories which attempt to explain behaviour.

Unit 6 – Practitioner Roles


This unit aims to increase your understanding of the world of work in health, social care, community justice and the children and young people’s workforce. It also helps you to reflect on your own suitability for different job roles.

Unit 7 – Food and Fitness

Exam 2 hours

This unit aims to develop your knowledge and understanding of food components and balanced diets required to meet the dietary and nutritional needs of different client groups.

You will explore a range of different aspects of exercise which help maintain the fitness, health and well-being of individuals.

Unit 8 – Diagnosis, Treatment and Preventative Strategies

Exam  2 hours

This unit aims to introduce a variety of diagnostic techniques and the principles and key points of practise of a range of common medical treatment.  This unit also looks into ways in which common diseases and disorders can be prevented.