Aims: The Horticulture Department aims to help pupils develop an understanding of gardening. Students are encouraged to take an active interest in learning how to sow, plant, nurture and harvest a wide range of plants. They also learn plant physiology and structure.


  • Plant and maintain their own raised beds with vegetables and flowers of their choice.
  • Practise a variety of plant propagation techniques
  • Raise bedding plants for the Summer fair.
  • Practice greenhouse management.
  • Visits to places of interest.

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This horticulture course leads to a BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate and is taught in partnership with NRC.

It involves 4 areas of study:

Unit 2: Understand the Basic Principles of Soil Science

Unit 5: Establish and Maintain Plants Outdoors

Unit 8: Participate in Horticultural Crop Production Outdoors

Unit 17: Participate in Propagation Techniques


Assessment and Grading

Assessment is by written coursework and practical activities.

Grading criteria is used to record the evidence that each learner produces and they will receive a pass, merit or distinction grade.