Technology & Design Department

“Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been.”

Albert Einstein

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Technology and Design prepares students to participate in a world of changing technologies. Through this subject students learn to think creatively and logically. They learn to become problem solvers, both individually and as group members. They are provided with opportunities to identify needs or design problems and respond to them by developing a range of design solutions and by making products and systems. Practical skills are combined with an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues together with industrial practices.

Through Technology and Design, all students can become discriminating and informed consumers of products, and some may even go on to become modern day innovators.

Some former pupils have taken the skills they were introduced to in school and have excelled in the world of work after school. Aaron Leach a former pupil is now running his own business as an Artist Blacksmith (the only one presently in Northern Ireland). A link is provided so you can browse some of the spectacular work Aaron now produces.

Our pupils begin to experience Technology and Design from Year 8 and can continue that experience through to GCSE Level.

The experiences they meet will include:-

Graphics – Design Process – Product Evaluation – Computer Aided Manufacture – Resistant Materials with associated practical skills and Electronics.

All delivered in a purpose built Technology area with three manufacturing rooms. Two planning areas and a systems room with pneumatics, computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing with access to the latest equipment for CNC routing, laser cutting and 3D printing.

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The projects and topics used to promote and deliver the experiences are simply vehicles to provide a context for learning and as such may vary from year to year. At present these projects and topics are as follows :-

Topics Projects
Year 8 1 Point Perspective Drawing Mobile Phone Holder Project
The Design Process Fuse Tester Project
Year 9 2 Point Perspective Drawing Steady Hand Game Project
Functions of a Product Cam Toy Project
Year 10 Orthographic Drawing Roundabout Toy Project
Product Evaluation Moisture Sensor Project

Technology and Design GCSE (CCEA)

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The Technology and Design course extends the knowledge and skills developed at Key Stage 3 (Years 8 – 10) to a level which will facilitate further study at ‘A level’ should the boy or girl wish.

Electronic Products GCSE (AQA)

This specification has been designed to encourage candidates to be able to design and make quality electronic products with creativity, originality and flair using a wide range of electronic components with appropriate materials to package the electronic circuit.

Candidates can be enthused and challenged by the range of practical opportunities this subject offers. The packaging of the electronic circuit can include individually designed cases made from a range of resistant materials, textiles, card or recycled materials. Alternatively candidates can purchase a commercially made case and modify the case to meet their project needs.

BTEC Engineering Level 2 (EDEXCEL)

This specification offers students the opportunity to acquire the equivalent of two GCSEs. The course gives learners the basis to progress to a Level 3 qualification such as BTEC Level 3 National in Engineering